About Us

What We Are

Aisle 45 is the first, artist-centered, listener-guided music streaming platform on the planet, serving as a direct connection between artist and audience.

Who We Are

Like you, we are regular, sexy people who enjoy seeing talented folks rise to stardom directly from audience input. We delight in discovering shiny new musical gems, sharing them with our friends, and adding them to our collection.

Care to join us?

Why We Are

Top reasons why we exist:

  1. To give artists free space to showcase and sell their content.
  2. To give the audience direct influence over what plays on the "radio".

Check out this interview with Charlie XCX on YouTube™ and this fairly accurate comic from The Oatmeal™.

Our Vision

We see part radio station, record company and talent show remixed into one inclusive, interactive platform.

We feature these key components:

  1. Instant exposure via rotation on our streaming media player.
  2. Instant distribution via our exclusive online store.
  3. Real-time popularity ratings.
  4. Free play-on-demand access.
  5. Free unlimited skips.
  6. No alert box nor pop-up advertising.


Our Mission

To dynamically shape the soundscape in the following ways:

  1. Give every song a chance to shine.
  2. Give listeners instant influence.
  3. Link those who make stuff to those who buy stuff.
  4. Monetize the potential of talented content creators.
  5. Be the most future-forward streaming music platform on the planet.
  6. To unify and simplify the music industry.

BTW, due to our dynamic nature, we are perpetually in Beta mode.