About Us

What We Are

Aisle 45 is the only free, artist-centered, listener-guided, audio streaming platform.

Who We Are

We are sexy folks—just like you—who like to see megastars rise directly from audience input. We delight in discovering shiny new musical gems, sharing them with our friends and adding them to our collection. Care to join us?

Why We Are

The music industry is way outta tune with the times. We want to futurize it.
Check out this interview with Charlie XCX on YouTube and this fairly accurate comic from The Oatmeal.

Our Vision

We see parts of a record company, a radio station and a talent show mixed into one seamless, interactive platform.

Imagine this:
  1. A place where independant musicians upload their original music directly to the stream.
  2. It gets added to rotation instantly.
  3. Listeners can vote on it and buy it right away.
  4. Now, add play-on-demand access for free.
  5. Give out unlimited skip action (no popup ads either).
  6. Brilliant.

Our Mission

  1. Give content creators an even break.
  2. Give the audience instant influence.
  3. Give every song a chance to shine.
  4. Be the first (and best) all-in-one streaming music platform.