Common Questions

Artists upload their original content (music and logo).
We immediately add them to our streaming media player and online store.
The audience listens to and votes on it.
Popular tracks stay on the stream. These become "A-sides".
Unpopular ones get "boo"-ted off the stream (to the archives) and become "B-sides".

Unfortunately, we do not have a subscription option yet. You know how other streaming platforms offer subscriptions that let you download songs for offline listening? We believe this deters people from purchasing tracks, which contrary to our Misson Statement. We might offer a subscription one day, if we can find a way to make it equitable for everyone.

The ability to listen offline is typically a feature associated with a subscription service, which we don't offer yet. Of course, your purchased tracks are immediately available to download and enjoy offline anytime.

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression. In copyright law, there are a lot of different types of works, including paintings, photographs, illustrations, musical compositions, sound recordings, computer programs, books, poems, blog posts, movies, architectural works, plays, and so much more! Learn more…

The musician/band receives a dollar per track. The remainder is used to pay taxes and fees.

We sell and share your information with nobody.

When a member of the audience votes, that vote is tallied in real time and measured against our preset standards. Only one ( 1 ) vote per track is counted. Popular ones stay on the stream. These become known as an "A-side". Archived tracks are not in active rotation but are still available via search and can be played on-demand.

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