Icon Legend

Media Player Icons

  • Heart PLAY
    Let the music play.
  • Heart PAUSE
    For the cause.
  • Meh SKIP
    Play the next track. Unlimited use.
  • Yay VOTE UP
    Keep this track in rotation. One vote per track.
    Archive this crap. One vote per track.
  • Heart HEART
    Tap to add the currently playing track to your Favorites.
    This track is in your Favorites. Tap to remove it.
  • Search SEARCH
    Find and play-on-demand any artist or track in our library. Sweet.

Media Player Side Menu Icons

  • Missing profile icon Profile
    View your Profile.
  • Favorites Favorites List
    View your Favorites.
    Remove them from the list or add them to your cart. Compile a
    TrackStackA stack of ten tracks.
    to get an automatic discount.